April in Osterville

My gratitude for your tolerance, as the frequency of my social media posts has ticked up recently.  Thank you for looking!  I really do appreciate it!  There’s a lot in construction this Spring and I’m eager to share it with my friends and colleagues.  In fact, another two projects break ground in the coming days…


Here I’m sharing progress photos of a project in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, in the town of Osterville.  This building site is subject to flood plain regulations, and so the design and construction must conform with FEMA standards.  Four of our current projects in construction right now occupy sites that are in the flood plain, and therefore are designed to conform with flood plain regulations.  In this project as in the others, the first floor is elevated. Here the house sits a bit higher on the site than its predecessor did, a smaller ranch house that was demolished to make way for this house.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this house is modeled on another of our house designs that was constructed a few years ago in the Cape Cod town of Chatham.  This isn’t a replica of that house, but it is a close sibling; another in our growing family of gambrel style houses.

Progress is fleet footed in this wonderful weather – the builder and his crew are making good progress.  The first three photos are from my camera the day that I visited the site, and the last photo is from the builder, snapped a week after to show the framing in place for the eave “swoops”.




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  1. Nancy Nicholas says:

    Joe, Nice Gambrel and though raised, doesn’t look awkward. Gambrels do seem popular these days. For me, it is an homage to the house my family had in East Dennis right on the Bay. When I see a nicely done Gambrel it takes me right back to the Cape and great family time. We chose you to design our home because the Chatham house spoke to me. I would love to see that house again as it was superb. Talk to you soon, Nancy

    Nancy Nicholas


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