The constraints and challenges to the alteration of this existing house in the beach area of Fairfield, CT were considerable.  From a zoning perspective, the house was non-conforming as to Floor Area and Lot Coverage, and being situated in a Type AE Flood Zone, the structure would need to conform with FEMA regulations if the cost of the project exceeded a certain percentage of the assessed value of the house.

The two avenues of relief from these constraints, to pursue a zoning variance for the non-conformance or to comply with the onerous requirements of FEMA, were both very unattractive to the homeowner.  However, the homeowner was intent on improving the appearance of the house, so the design work proceeded with earnest in and around the constraints and challenges.

With careful consideration of zoning regulations and building code ordinances, we conceived a dramatic alteration to the exterior that embodies the style aspirations of the homeowner without creating additional Floor Area or Lot Coverage or exceeding the maximum cost permitted.