House on Cape Cod

I have always been captivated by seaside architecture, especially the vernacular of the New England coastal regions.  So I was very excited when new clients called us this past summer to commission a house in the seaside community of Chatham, MA.  They purchased a half acre building lot that is nestled against the golfing greens and fairways of the Chatham Bars Inn and has a nice second floor view of the ocean.  We designed a 5,000 SF home in short time to meet a pressing schedule, and then turned the design drawings over to a local architect, who our clients had hired on the recommendation of their builder to produce construction drawings and, as a local, shepherd them through the approval process of the various local land use agencies. 

Meeting our clients’ aspirations, the architectural style of the house is very akin to the surrounding area.  Shingled gambrel gables punctuate the scenery here and evoke a particular sense of place, into which this house will appropriately stand and to which, we hope, it will contribute.

The site photo attached here is from a little more than a month ago and shows the lot staked out for site work to begin in the following week.  If you look closely, you can see the footprint of the building spray painted on the ground.  Not very exciting, especially in the knowledge that a flurry of interesting activity will shortly overtake that vacant land.  Since the photo was snapped, construction is progressing, and we will periodically post photographs to show that progress.



  1. Elegant Joe,
    Nice proportions, I especially like the flair on the central dormer with the two round windows. Do I spy with my little eye a widows walk? Talk soon, Tom

    • berginjoseph says:

      Tom, yes that’s a (real) widow’s walk, to take advantage of ocean views. Thanks for your comment – much appreciated!

  2. Jackie Quinn says:

    Hi Joe,
    I’m sure you are going to make the homeowners dreams come true.I love this location and cant wait to see more pictures as building progresses.Happy holidays, Jackie

    • Hi Jackie, Thank you for your comment…it’s very nice to hear from you. We will keep posting the progress, so check back now and then. As a matter of fact, a new post is coming shortly. I invite you to subscribe to the blog, after which you will receive emails when we post (but it will be an email at each post, not just for updates to this project). Take care, and Happy Holidays to you too! Best, Joe

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