The artist sought to create a studio adjoining her residence that would be comfortable and brightly illuminated, with abundant expanses of tall wall area.  The exterior of the studio would appear as “stucco cubes” to contrast the traditional form and style of the dwelling and offer a dialectical spirit to the whole.

The scheme incorporates a “go-between” component in the form of a transitional Mudroom / Garden Room.  This transitional element mediates, in part, by adopting the dwelling’s traditional form, while donning the studio’s signature stucco siding.  A large window presides at the utility sink, where artwork would not naturally occupy wall area, and so a large area of glazing is gained overall by the studio.  High clerestory windows and narrow floor to ceiling glazing are other means by which daylight is introduced while preserving wall area for art making.

Photography by Olson Photographic, LLC